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Used Golf Carts for Sale In Iowa

Golf carts are no longer confined to the golf course. Often in retirement villages they are used to go shopping, visit friends or you guessed it, for golf. This is probably why used golf carts in Iowa have become so popular. Often these are also used to transport people, supplies and security guards. They can also be used to haul small trailers.

Should you decide you want one then you need to think about the specs you would want it to have. Most of these have the ability to do light towing, golf bag straps, cargo holders, lights, canopies, heaters, windshields, solid state ignition and are powered by either gas or electricity. You would need to consider anything else you may require.

The next factor to consider is how much maintenance and repair work you are able to do yourself. Time needs to be considered. Minor repairs and maintenance such as seat covers are not too problematic.

Especially if it is pre owned, have a look at the batteries. The code will be anything from A to L (January to December). See if there is any corrosion or leakage. Typically, the lifespan of batteries are about five years.

Find out if the battery cables are in good working order. See if the battery charger has a manual timer and if it shuts off on its own when the batteries are charged. Check the bodywork for any damage, rust or abuse. It is okay to have a few scratches and dings, but it must not look like it needs a major panel beating job and spray paint. Weigh up the prices of new tires against the price of a new cart.

Give the cart a good shaking; this will indicate if it is secure and if it is roadworthy. Any noises should alert you that there is something wrong. These are some of the considerations when looking at used golf carts in Iowa.